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Video shorts are the hottest new format to promote a business online. WSI and Corp Shorts provides innovative videos for your website to capture the essence of your business, and give a personal touch to help connect you with your customer. Plus, research shows that people prefer to watch a video, rather than read about your company. Wharton School research shows people are 4X more likely to respond to your website when it has videos, thus increasing your ROI!


Top 12 Reasons Why You Need Video on Your Site:

  • Drives site traffic
  • Increases the time spent on your site
  • Enhances the user experience
  • Boosts conversion and ROI
  • Provides a 24/7 salesperson
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Encourages viral marketing
  • Increases online awareness of your company
  • Harnesses the power of online exposure
  • Makes your company look forward thinking
  • Helps you capitalize on the emergence of new media
  • Attracts New Business

More than 50% of people are now looking online for your products and services. Your website has become your most important calling card. It is a relatively small investment for such an important aspect of your business.

From conception to completion, we produce cost effective custom internet videos of all types that are designed to inspire people to do business with you.

WSI LIVE, offers 3 additional video streaming services to command your site visitors’ attention:

Video Email
Imagine opening up an email with a live person delivering a message to you.  Customize your email messages however you like to really make a major statement.

Video Idols
Truly take advantage of those first few moments someone spends on your landing page & greet them with a personal message from a professional actor.  Deliver a message in a 60 second clip & convince them to learn more about your business.

Video On Demand
Captivate your website’s visitors with live streaming video from the minute they enter your website.  Grab your customer’s attention with instant-on, always-on streaming video and give them a reason to believe in you.

Contact your eBiz WSI Marketing Consultant today to learn more about how WSI Live can help your business leverage the power of the Internet and Video to get more out of every engagement with your customers!

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